Our brand was founded in 1969 and in a few years, thanks to the deep-rooted tradition of weaving and the presence of excellent craftsmanship, it became a leader in the production of rattan, wicker, manao, and bamboo furniture. Thanks to our in-house carpentry and the flexibility of our production site, our experience has expanded to the craftsmanship of Teak wood and other precious exotic woods, managing to provide furnishing solutions (even tailor-made) for large and small supplies, both in the private and contract sector.


In the mid-1960s, Mrs. Rosa Splendiani and her husband Giuseppe were sharecropping farmers in a small town in the “Marche” region. Giuseppe is the victim of a serious accident at work that leaves him disabled, no longer able to do the hard work in the fields and is forced to devote himself to a less demanding occupation.

He therefore decides to move with his family to Mogliano, a small town known for its wicker weaving activity. Here he discovers that he possesses uncommon dexterity and ingenuity and this talent makes the various local artisans compete for him with each other.

It is thanks to the intuition of Mrs. Rosa that the two later set up on their own, starting a micro business for the production of accessories and cabinets in wicker, rush and wicker. The artistic flair of one and the pragmatic organizational and commercial capacity of the other soon led to some success. With the entry of his son Aldo the business turns from a purely artisanal and familiar dimension to an almost industrial one, in which traditional craftsmanship is part of a rationally organized context.

The following period is marked by success and growth, the company conquers an increasingly large market. At the beginning of 2000, alongside the Italian headquarters, the first production site is launched directly in Indonesia, on Java island, where today we have direct control over all production processes, from the acquisition of raw materials, to product design, to the creation of the finished product or semi-finished product. At the same time, in Italy, sales offices, showroom and warehouses for stock storage were strengthened and expanded. It now has 7,000 covered square meters and an area of over 13,000 square meters of yards for maneuvering and loading. A large exhibition of 1.000 square meters available to the customer and modern offices fully computerized and updated in the software allow us to give the availability of individual items in real time and to answer all the questions posed by our dealers.


The sign of a passion with deep roots. Passion for the research of quality materials, for the study of design, for the creation of unique combinations, for the discovery of unexplored roads. The sign of a tradition that becomes innovation, of an artisan wisdom that meets functionality and contemporary taste, without ever distorting one's soul. “The sign” as "Design", sketch, creative draft, which takes shape from the flow of ideas and nature, and finally materializes in the furnishing product. The sign as a distinctive feature that characterizes each Rosa Splendiani collection and determines its uniqueness. Signs inspired by the essential beauty of natural landscapes, their shapes and colors. Signs aimed at welcoming the flow of life and shaping the relationship of man with his daily or occasional spaces: from relaxation to study, from solitary contemplation to the conviviality of a family dinner.

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